Introduction to Amicus Anywhere

Amicus Anywhere lets you use Amicus Attorney Premium on almost any device, anywhere, anytime.

Amicus Anywhere connects you to your Amicus Attorney core data through a browser. So whether you want to use a home PC, Mac, iPad, other tablets or even a smartphone, you can manage your practice from wherever you might be.

Amicus Anywhere provides a secure, instant, live connection to Amicus Premium. No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have a device with a browser, you can manage your practice. Review your calendar as well as others in your firm. Plan your tasks. Manage your client matter files. Do your time entries. Track your phone calls and messages. Have the information for all your contacts. Open your documents on files and contacts. Add or edit notes. So much at your fingertips! Read, edit, add new entries. The second you hit save, your work is in your Amicus database at the office. So your colleagues at the office are always up to date-and so are you.

Amicus Anywhere gives you the best of both worlds. The security of having your own database on your own server-nothing is stored in the cloud or on your device. And there's nothing additional to install.

For compatible browsers and devices, see the Amicus Attorney Premium Hardware & Software System Requirements, available from the Support > Technical Resource Guides section at

Amicus Anywhere is available to firms running a current version of Amicus Attorney Premium (with or without Amicus Premium Billing) provided they have a license that includes that component, and to new firms during their Evaluation period.

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